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Safe and Professional Demolition

American Wrecking owns all of its equipment. This means no waiting for rentals and other people’s equipment to become available. We can get in fast, demolish fast, and get out. EXAMPLE: 150,000 sq ft, 2-story structure demo’ed in 20 days to clean dirt!

We are aggressive recyclers, more so than other demolition companies. A hefty materials recovery means more money paid by the recycling centers. At American Wrecking we pass that money on to you by way of a reduced demolition cost. This makes our pricing very competitive.

Equipment Rental
American Wrecking rents all types of demolition equipment. We have a full time dispatcher on duty to take your order.
Call us now at 626-350-8303 to get rolling.

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American Wrecking Inc. is owned and operated by demolition experts who work on the forefront of each job, ensuring each project is completed quickly, safely and within your budget. Because we own all of our equipment, we are able to offer competitive prices and efficient services.

As demolition contractors, we work with construction companies in executing safe and timely industrial demolition services throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. Our vast array of specialized equipment can tackle any sized assignment including commercial, industrial and military projects.

Our wrecking crews are also available for residential demolition projects from entire housing developments to a single structure. Don’t get caught up with another company that will subcontract the residential work. Hire a trusted, nationally recognized demolition company.

To receive a competitive bid on your next project, please contact American Wrecking Inc. at 626-350-8303.

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The personal safety and health of each Employee at American Wrecking Inc. is of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is our principal purpose.

To the greatest degree possible, management provides Employees a voice to ensure all mechanical and physical facilities required for personal safety and health are controlled and maintained in keeping with the highest standards.

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recyclingThe Ultimate Recycler

American Wrecking, Inc. recycles and reduces waste on all projects possible as a normal course of doing business. Wast reduction and recycling is a significant part of our business. To win jobs you must be the low bidder, to be the low bidder, you must reduce your waste and recycle! With ever rising costs of tipping fees at landfills and the daily tonnage allowances being reduced, American Wrecking, Inc. is continually searching for more efficient and economic ways of reducing waste and recycling materials from every project we undertake.

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